Picking out a deck shouldn’t feel like being struck by lightening!


Picking out a Tarot Deck

Shouldn’t feel like being struck by lightening!

It should be fun!

Not something difficult and stressful.


Picking out a deck shouldn't feel like being struck by lightening!

First off you can buy decks!

They do not have to be a gift. The deck work just fine!


I don’t know who keeps on with this but dude seriously it needs to die and never be spoken again. Also if someone tells you to steal one, tell them you aren’t into crime. Another one that needs to go.


Now that’s out of the way.

What should you look for?



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Picking out a Tarot Deck

First is do you like it? If you don’t want to engage with it you won’t use it. There are tons of decks out there. Which also can make it more difficult and send you into overload. If you don’t like the pictures it will not get used.


If it is your first deck opt for simple over complex. Tarot is complex enough without trying to figure out the imagery and symbolism of something that dives super deep. Morgan Greer Tarot and the Sacred Rose Tarot are two of my favorites that are good entry level decks. The Rider-Waite-Smith is also good if it speaks to you.


You don’t have to start with the Rider-Waite-Smith if you don’t care for it. I wasn’t keen on it when there weren’t many options pre-internet and I still don’t care for it. There are tarot readers out there that it is their main deck and they love it.


Everyone is going to feel a bit different about a deck.
What I love you may not be your cup of coffee.


What will help you out is a deck you want to touch and look at. That has you ohing and awing over it. That will help you connect with it and want to use it.


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