Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Plans Change Be Flexible – Card Reveal

The other week I had a plan for the week and it was a good plan. Then it all went sideways. Not because the plan was bad but other things happen in life. And sometimes those things in life get in the way.


Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal

There was nothing I could do about it. So I did the next best thing and went with it. When it is beyond your control that’s about all you can do sometimes. You aren’t in control of every tiny thing that happens.


Deliveries come early and are well in a weird stressful and in this case weird. I have now seen someone haul a fridge up a hill i.e. my driveway on a dolly. Let it suffice to say it was the oddest delivery ever, at least in my life.


Last week didn’t go as planned. All that was on the schedule didn’t get done. It’s okay because changing the plan is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself.


What I would have done in the past is…


Freaked out
Stressed and kept trying to do the old plan.
Felt bad about not implementing the plan.
Kicked my butt over it all.

That was old me super hard on myself over what I perceived as failure.


This time I took it day by day and ended up cutting it back in a major way. It got to be what was needed that week. What had to happen got done and the rest well it is waiting for next week it will all be good.


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Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal


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This year I am doing a weekly vlog for at least the year. At the end of it reevaluation will happen and I’ll decide if I want to keep it up. Trying out new things can be fun.

Week in the Life Vlog #5

Now the Reveal

Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal

This week’s piles are Sacred Creators Oracle, Angel’s Prayers, and Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Enjoy these book a reading


Pile One
The Edge of Evolution is Messy, Honour Your Beauty – Archangel Jophiel, & Faith


Life gets mess at times and you don’t have to do anything. It does not need to be cleaned up, fixed, or reframed. Sitting with the messy edge is what you need to honor and see the beauty in it. Have faith that i can sort itself out as you move into the new. That the mess is part of what you need at this moment. Where do you try to keep it perfectly together and is that working out?

BTW: I tried to make that first card the Edge of the Universe is Messy. Changes the feel a bit.


Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal

Pile Two
One Step Ahead Is All You Need, Balance, & Intention

So, what are you freaking out over not having done? I can feel your energy all of you who picked this card. It is a loud scream of “its not done!” Take a deep breath, slowly exhale. Now where are you in that thing that’s not done? If you are a tiny bit ahead you are golden! That’s all you need to do is be one tiny step ahead. It works . Where do you think you should be further along? How does that feel.

This does work. I created a six class art class in a month with this concept. That included a camera failure and losing a whole class.


Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Make a Mission Statement for your Soul, Express Your Creativity, &Gentleness

Statements can be all business with little leniency. If you don’t have room for creativity and gentleness you need to reevaluate that statement. The lack of those two things is going to get in your way. Statements and project change with you or at least they should. Rigid is not what you need to aim at. A statement of soul that lets in the Wild and the ideas is going to take you farther. Are you being overly rigid to find control? What if you were more gentle with you?


Plans Change, Be Flexible - Card Reveal

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