Pluto Retrograde 2020

Pluto Retrograde 2020

is upon us.


Pluto goes retrograde on the 25th. It feels like it is going to be a big one. So big it might feel like you missed a step or five. It there’s a potential for it to feel massive this time around.

Here is the thing!

Life is already at high anxiety and taking its toll then we toss in the god of the Under World going into retrograde. You see where this is going.


Pluto Retrograde is going to pull you deep into the darkness and it is going to feel heavy. So heavy the weight can crush you if you aren’t paying attention to it.


Pluto Retrograde 2020

Your job is to pay attention to Pluto Retrograde

this will help you know


The energy you are feeling.
Figure out if it is you, the collective or another person.
Not freak the fuck out over the heavy.

Open your soul to what the darkness inside holds for you. Let the doors open and the breezes of life flow on through. The flow on through is going to bring in changes. It will let you know what you can bring to the surface to work with.


Pluto Retrograde can help you let go of


Old Paradigms that no longer work
Self Blame
The heavy collective energy blanket.
and more


The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast can help you maneuver this retrograde with grace and aplomb with the Pluto Retrograde Forecast, two different energy clearing workshops, and the monthly forecast.


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