Pluto Retrograde Forecast 2021

Pluto is Retrograde!

I know you are excited!!

I am!


There’s been nothing in retrograde since the last Mercury in retrograde! The last couple of years have had the retrogrades super clustered up. That meant dealing with a bunch all at once.


That meant a lot deal with all at one time. It also made I more difficult to figure out which retrograde caused the grief. Which makes it much more difficult!


You get some freedom this year to work with retrogrades on a more intimate way in 2021. The chance to really figure out how Pluto Retrograde impacts your life and use it to start making changes is right in front of you.



Because Pluto went Retrograde yesterday!


The God of the Underworld is now ready to help you

shuck off your old perceptions!


Pluto Retrograde Forecast 2021


How do you do this?
Put this retrograde to work for you benefit?


First you need to remember each effort of transformation is different. Some wring you dry and leave you exhausted! Others bring in new knowledge and feel very joyful.


First tip is drop any notions of what it should be like!


Let it be what it is and needs to be. Sometimes it really sucks, been there and done that. It doesn’t mean they will all suck. Trust me, you do the work and change, the next one will be better.


Pluto Retrograde Forecast 2021

Engage with what shows up or you are actively changing.


Pluto works well with understanding your role in large systems and how you help transform them. Start with how you view authority and how it shows up in your life. Understanding the trauma that these systems enforce for Black and Brown people is part of this.

Use it as a rebirth.

You can take Pluto Retrograde and work with it on a very personal level to transform how you live and show up in the world. You can create who you need to be.


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Pluto Retrograde Forecast 2021