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Power Plants

Power Plants


Plants you walk by them all the time, see them everywhere, but have you ever stopped to chat with one? Put out your hand to feel their energy? There is a lot more going on with plants than you might think. Just because they can’t make noise or move around doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to tell you.


If you saw my blog post last December you probably have guessed I really like working with Trees. Trees are a really lovely place to start communicating with plants. They have long life spans and are much slower than say an annual or even a perennial. Talking with an annual can be very quick and disjointed. Trees tend to be slow and steady which makes them easier to understand.


Power Plants

My first Plant Power Guide found me at the Church Office Grounds in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have (assuming they still have) great gardens and a fountain that blocked out all city sounds. There is this lovely fruit tree there that started talking to me. I felt its energy reach out and we started working with each other. This lead to working with plants in my garden and connecting with other trees. It is simple to get started with them and here are my top tips to start working with plants.


Top tips for working with Power Plants.


Relax and just feel them all around you. Go to a park or a garden, breathe in their scents and energy. Fell their energy surrounding you.


Learn about them. How do you use them in cooking or magick? What associations are there? The Language of Flowers (the associations of flowers and their colors, people would have whole convos using it) is fascinating when you start exploring it. Most cultures have some form of tree lore that can be explored.


Touch power plants. Put your hand on a tree or hover it over a more tender plant. Feel them pulse with life. Older trees have a deep thrum to them when their sap has risen. During the winter it tends to be more muted.


Personal experience with growing them brings you closer.  Plant some trees in your yard or start a garden. Don’t have a lot of space a house plants (that’s what I started with) or container gardening is a great way to go.

When harvesting especially for ritual or magickal use, ask for permission and make sure that there are plenty of healthy plants around if using wild ones. If you know a wild plant is endangered do not pick it or harvest it, let it be. On the other hand if there’s a noxious weed growing be a steward of the land and stop it from blooming and seeding. Exotic plants and noxious weeds can take over killing native plants which in turn affects the whole ecosystem.


Tree Meditation

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