Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal
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Productive, Not Stressed – Card Reveal

I write these in advance to save my sanity and the election is mucking that up. I don’t know what will happen as I start in on this week’s Pick a Pile, it is a big freaking question mark. So, I’m talking about to do lists instead.


Because I know how unrealistically long the List most likely is.

I know this because I’ve been there.

Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal

Way back when in about 2013/4 somewhere I’d make these HUGE to do list of thirty to forty items. It was impossible. But I expected me to get through it. I seriously did my best each day to conquer and slay my list.


But you know what? It never got done, never because it was way too long much. Maybe five or ten things would get done, which is still a lot. Then I would feel disappointed in myself.


Luckily someone posted about how they took the morning to write a newsletter. It was a revelation because I was trying to write one in an hour and schedule. It wasn’t working out so well. A whole morning, how decadent that felt.


So I tried it. It felt good, productive, and not stressful.


Next up was the person who posted about doing ONE to five things a day. One if it was a big thing and more if smaller. I tried it out. Turns out a lot of what was on that list really wasn’t so important.


Doing less helped me streamline things and get a good feel for what is really doable in a morning or day. What happened was I no longer felt like I sucked because I couldn’t do the impossible.


It felt good and productive.
And it still feels this way!


Make sure that to do list is not an impossible one.

Give yourself time to get it done.


Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal

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New Moon in Scorpio Forecast


I had election brain when I filmed this and I think I set the camera up wrong.

But at the same time I swear I’ve set up like I did that day.


There’s a call for you not to stick to how you always do it just because you do it that way. It is time to evaluate if it is working for you. Change is in the air and it is ready to take shape and grow.


Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal

That growth comes in the form of using your time and energy to fill you up and not tear yourself down. Find practices, skills, habits that make you feel better about your life. Big, small, in between and it doesn’t need to be so grandiose it engulfs you.


You are not aiming to be overwhelmed you are looking to not be that. Finding ways to cull lists down and saying no to what isn’t working. If it isn’t working for you stop trying to make it and overwhelming yourself.


The Reveal!

Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal
This week’s piles are Wisdom of the Oracle and The Heart of Faery.


Pile One
Exchanging Gifts and The Maiden


Where do you need some fresh eyes to see things through? It is easy to get into a rut where this is what you do and this is when you do it. Not giving what’s happening much of thought, it is just what you do. The question this week brings up with this is do you really want to? Habits have their place brushing teeth, that type do stuff. Other things need for you to check in and make sure it is what you still want. Where do you just keep on keeping on just because? How does looking at it and checking in become a gift?


Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal


Pile Two
Co-Create and Prince of Shadows

Are you playing into what’s going to go wrong this week? There’s the feel of being stuck in the what if it goes wrong, is not perfect enough, etc. energy. Creation is not a single act of doing it is multiple acts. Get a rough draft of something and keep improving it. It doesn’t have to have done in one go. You don’t even have to get it done in a week or a year. Something need time to be created. Are you caught up in not getting it right? Do you use unrealistic time frames or to do lists?


Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Soul Mates and the Green Woman


All too often Soul Mates is the perfection of relationships. Perfect is not going to happen because relationships need tending whether romantic or friends. All intimate relationships need your attention and nurturing or they simply start to fade or fall apart. Even if you find someone who is your soul mate it still means engagement and paying attention. It is when you check out of a relationship for whatever reason or ignore it makes it so you don’t stay soul mates. How can laughter and the wild foster soul mate? Do you include all intimate relationships in your soul mate concept?


Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal


Music Affirmation Card

What are you listening to? Is it drowning out what you need?

Productive, Not Stressed - Card Reveal