Card Reveal, Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast

Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal

What’s the story you want to reframe?


This is a theme that keeps popping up everywhere. What’s the story and how do you tell it? There’s the ability to change that story and bring in a new one.


That is so empowering to do!


Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal

Reframing your story brings in personal power. It can bring in deeper understanding of how you are working in the world and where that stems from. It can put you on the path you decided on instead of random change.


January’s Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast has a Reframe Your Story Ritual that i simple and easy to perform. Check it out here.



Now The Reveal!

Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal
Piles are Starchild Akashic Tarot, Star Cards, & Music Deck.

Pile One
3 of Cups, New Moon in Virgo, Let the only sound…


Time to get rid of distractions and get to the point of what you are doing. This is a time for you to streamline all other work and pour the time into the project you are creating. There will be a bunch of NO coming out your mouth. Because you know what needs to be done and what will distract. Where are you feeling distracted?

Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal

Pile Two
9 of Wands, Chiron, & The River of our Souls United


What’s going to make life easier for you in the long run. My guess is there is some healing involved. This healing is going to messy and very non-linear. There will be times it feels super charged and others where you feel nothing happening. It is all part of the process, let it be what it is. Where do you try to rush things to get over it?

Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Oppression, Neptune, & My Bat Lightening Heart wants to Fly Away


Where’s the heaviness coming in? It feels oppressive as if you will never be out from under its thumb. But what you can do is know that feeling to fly away is valid. Might even be what you need to do. But in the mean time bring in water. Nice long baths or showers to help cleanse your energy of what’s sticking to it. One of the best ways to do this, is cleaning your body. What needs to be cleared out of your energy?

Reframe Your Story and Card Reveal

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