Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt – Card Reveal

Comments and how people get treated online is on my mind this week. Partly because I got a meh comment, that made me think why even post it. Secondly the harassment of one of my favorite twitter accounts Hookland Guide and the Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed.


The thing is words can hurt.


The sticks and stones break bones but words never

hurt is a bunch of bull.


It sets someone up for abuse.

The comment I got adds nothing to the conversation and did help me in any way improve content. Why take the time to even bother posting meh comments, move on, go take the dog for walk or some other constructive thing. Save me the time from reading it.


Lets go to the Tarot Lady next. Because it is so much fun to get told free content sucks and can you please “be best”. If you don’t like something move on. You don’t need to tell the creator you don’t like their free content. Which they spent time and labor creating. Can’t find content you like, create your own, then you too can experience the fun.


The last makes me the saddest because The Hookland Guide brings me such joy to consume. Harassment sucks and people who go after online creators need to remember they are people too. Not just some account on the internets. Don’t do it. It harms people and makes them take breaks and not want to keep creating.


Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal

What’s the point?


The point is to remember online, in real life,

where ever you are.




Is your comment going to create a conversation that is meaningful? Is it affirming? Then post it. Same with in person, clerks in shops love to be told when they rock because usually they just get told they suck. Can you make the world a bit better with your comment? Some small point of light in the world.


If you think it isn’t good enough. Why? Why, do you feel this way and more importantly why do you feel the need to comment?  It is similar to the I haven’t seen my server in fifteen minutes when they just took your drink order. Look inside first on this one and move on.


It all goes back to, is one reacting or responding. Reaction means you aren’t thinking it out and jut do it. Whereas, the Response means you take the time to know why you feel what you do and know what you want to do.


And if you are dealing with racist comments or harassment block, delete, and report. You get to choose who gets into your internet world. You don’t have to let everyone in because they think you are public property.


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Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal

Hugs and Love!

Hope every is doing well after that super cold spell!


Weekly Vlog is up! Listen to me whine about the cold.

Now The Reveal!

Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal

Piles are Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot & Music Affirmation Deck

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Pile One
Queen of Cups &The River of our Souls United


Trust yourself to know. Trust yourself so much you know when you are being deceived. Souls don’t unite if one of them is a liar pants. it is not going to change and you will not fix them. When you feel that knowing trust it. This is reminder for you to know that you are on and that your intuition is just fine. If it smells off it is. Where do you talk yourself out of trusting your intuition?

Lyric from Single Gun Theory


Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Page of Swords & Threads that are Golden Don’t Break Easily


Did you really think it out before you dumped it all? You need to see the gold that runs through all you do. Something will get dumped or never even started because they don’t work. That’s okay. What we are talking about is what you want to do and feel overwhelmed with. So you toss it, the baby, and the bath water right out the window. Take your time to close down a project and know why you are doing it. What did you jettison because you were frustrated? Could you ease up and take a break, have a snack, or nap?

Lyric from Tori Amos


Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Four of Cups & With Tomorrow I will borrow another moment of joy and sorrow


That feeling of hurt in your hear that needs some love. It needs some celebration and acknowledgement to heal. This might be old or new but it hurts non the less. Your goal is to find a way that feels good and makes you feel empowered to honor that hurt. Doing this makes more space in that feeling for healing to start. That small seed of growth can take hold and grow. Where do you feel down and heart sore? How can you start to honor it?

Lyric from This Mortal Coil


Remember to Be Kind Words can Hurt - Card Reveal



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