Retrograde Packages

Retrograde Packages – Stay in Tune


Difficult – Fatiguing – Scary – No Energy


Are all words I have heard associated with retrogrades. They can pack a good wallop of energy which feels like it is derailing you.


There’s no get up and go to finish what you were working on. Then there’s the push through it phase. Into the spiral of emotions about what’s not there.


Retrogrades sound scary and can be filled with angst.


Retrograde Packages - Stay in Tune

Let’s avoid this and…

Get off this retrograde merry-go-round with the latest Retrograde Offering.

They will help you understand and deal with the retrograde in your life.


Retrogrades with long duration trend towards subtle and quiet stirrings that you if you pay close attention you know are happening. They hum in the background while you go about your life. The trick with these long term retrogrades is to know that hum and use it.

Then there are the short retrogrades, Mercury in Retrograde being a popular one. These are shorter and work much more quickly. The shorter retrogrades can be fast and furious and knock you on your bum! I know you have been here. I have!


Pluto Retrograde

You get…

18 page PDF with thought prompts, info, and art.

Included in the PDF is a Light Code you can use to fuel your transformation.

There’s also a short tarot or oracle card spread for you to use and guide yourself.

You get three audios!

First one is the general energies of Pluto Retrograde and the second is a Light Language Transmission. Last one is a meditation to help you navigate your path.

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