A Sacred Connection

The energy bubbles up inside me and makes me excited about how it will look when I am done with it. The thing is it is not what I originally planned. It was going to have layers of pouring medium to make it look like the tiles were suspended. That never happened.

A Sacred Connection

What  happened is a bunch of tiles tumbling on a chromium green background and I love it. At the moment there is still painting to be done. The tiles need to be outlined and the runes painted in. Those tumbling tiles move me, they inspire me, make my heart fill with joy. This painting has become a symbol for changes and the chances we take in life, the chances that come to us, the chances we manifest; is the meaning this painting is taking on.


The other weekend while I was working on it and putting my intent in it as I was filled with joy at the experience of creating. There was that feeling of being watched, knowing that only Wilhelmina, my cat, and I were the only two people in the room. I knew it wasn’t anything corporeal, so I said hi. No need to be rude when something shows up especially when working with a system like Runes.


This feeling stayed for a while. It watched as I painted bronze tiles and went over a second time to get more colour. We didn’t talk to each other he just watched, the energy felt male and didn’t intrude. But at some point the name Frigg was said. You see I’ve been thinking about exploring another Goddess, discovering her energy, how she works. But hadn’t really decided on anyone yet.


In my past I’ve worked with Persephone who I still feel very much connected to. Her story has moved me since I was in third grade. I love her dearly and she will always be with me and I with her. Lilith is another that has fit into my life especially as I was coming into my power. Lilith is very interesting how she came about and the denial of her power and then her refusal to give up her power. Both are darker energies to work with and at the moment another Goddess similar to them is not feeling right.


Ninhursag was my first thought she’s Sumerian and I do love Sumer. Ninhursag the lady of the mountains but the truth is as much as I wanted to feel her, I wasn’t feeling her. And then something said Frigg and I heard her name as I was painting bronze rune tiles. Frigg. I started exploring her and she feels right.


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