Art Witch


Sacred:Scared came out of the anti-abortions laws that are being passed currently.



They scare me.

Women go back to not being a sovereign entity.


My early art from the ’90’s comes out of my identification with being a feminist and exploring the divine feminine. Women are sacred and holy in their whole beings. Red representing menstrual blood and masks/veils were a big theme.


The blood of life from the womb and the life of women’s souls and the lack of sovereign over their lives and bodies. I find myself circling back to these themes again and revisiting them. Needing to paint some less refined work that is more raw and less fussed with.


Ripping open the wounds that have never healed for women. The wounds of rape, battery, death, less pay, etc. Women overall do not feel safe they may not live their life completely from it. But it does have an impact on what we do and when along with the how.

I dream of a world where women are sacred and equal.


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