Weekly Card Reveal

Say Yes to Healing You!

Say Yes to Healing You!


Do this right now!
Say it out loud.


Yes! To Healing!

Say Yes! To Healing You!

This weeks theme is healing for all three of the cards. You can’t get ways from it even if you want to. Healing you is in your face right this second. In you face might seem a bit aggressive but there’s so much noise and obfuscation going on it needs to loud.


Healing is will feel good. It will feel like you put balm on the wound and then got some mana from heaven to drink. Soothing and cool filled with love and kindness. That’s what healing is going to bring to you this week.


Let healing in

Be willing to do the work

Use gentle care


You are loved. You are heard. You are cared for.


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Say Yes! To Healing You!

The Reveal!!

Piles this week are Froud’s Faerys Oracle & Divination Tiles

I goofed up and The singer of Healing is in two of the choices this week. The goof up feels really right and good, so I kept it. We all need a big dose of healing right now.


Pile One
The Singer of Healing and Epona

Healing is asking you to take it easy right now. No need to push super hard on things you don’t need to. Not everything is controlled by you but there is a lot that is. You need to chill on what you can control. Getting it all done in record time is not where you need to be. Take your time and feel the space that can create. Starting to bring this in can also help you be more in the right now and not in the disaster scenario/anxiety/freak out that is playing in your head. How can you slow down in some areas of life? What would this look like for you?


Say Yes to Healing You!


Pile Two
Tohaira of the Waters and the Faery Princess

You care being called to use your intuition to help yourself heal. The Faery Princess suggests you need to look for the answers inside of you. Look for the clues inside and see what comes up even if it seems silly. Tohaira uses water to help you heal. Look to dreams, water in the literal sense, and most of all trust that intuition. Where do you doubt what you know? How can you trust of self help you find the answers you need?


Say Yes to Healing You!



Pile Three
The Singer of Healing and Triskelion

Spin it came to mind and then Dead or Alive started playing in my head. You need to flow to heal it. Strapping it all down and locking it up indefinitely is not going to work out. My bet is you blow sooner rather than later because there is too much going on. You need some spin and flow in your life. Let that in and create space, healing, and compassion from it. Where are you shutting down and why? How can you open up to the flow of life safely?


Say Yes to Healing You!


This is such a fun song to dance to!

“You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round”

You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive


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