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Self Care Plan for the Holidays

Self Care Plan for the Holidays


We are heading into the holiday season for most of us. It is a time of year to get stuck with relatives, extra cooking, extra work, extra parties, extra this and that. It starts to wear on one. That’s why I wan to take a minute and chat with you about self care and self love. It is an easy time of year to suck it up and ignore what we really need.


Creating a plan is one of my favorite things to do because I don’t have to think. All I have to do is pull out my care plan and look at it. It will tell me what to do. There are several I use on a daily basis the morning meditation and hydrate and the nite rite.


Self Care Plan for the Holidays

The morning one is straight forward and simple, me not being a morning person. It includes turning on the coffee pot, drinking 16 ounces of water with lemon squeezed into it, small glass of juice and then I am off to meditate for 11 minutes and pick out a card for the day. By the time I am done I am ready to start tackling the tasks for the day.


The Nite Rite is still evolving and I’m not real strict on it. Anything that feels too much on that day doesn’t’ happen. The ideal one is 11 minutes writing in my journal, 3 minute meditation/chakra blow out, dry brush, and St. Ours Oil. The journaling tends to be skipped more than anything else. One night I was so tired and I skipped it all. It so sucked all I did was toss and turn, you know that tired but wired feeling, yep. Learned a big lesson there.


I have simple things for bad days watch a DVD or read are my two staples. Both help me mellow out and get out of what I need to. Consistent exercise is also one, although I have struggled with this one for the first time in years. Getting outside is another favorite but not always easy to do due to weather at times. Having a myriad of options is helpful because you aren’t stuck with one thing and having them wrote down means you don’t have to think when you feel like dren. It’s just there to use.


Make sure you have a self care/love plan in place going into the holiday season so when you are ready to burst and freak out you have something to ease you out of that into a better mind frame.


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