Shadow Light Reading

The Shadow Light Reading


Finds the sweet spot in the shadows of self. To softly bring to light the areas you avoid.


Shadows are part of the Light and shouldn’t be avoided.

It is time to delve into them with love and compassion and find what wisdom they hold for you. The Shadows of the Soul hold knowledge for you to access. This knowledge is the key to healing.


Healing and integration of the shadow is empowering.

A Shadow Light reading helps you create the action steps to explore what you are working towards. Know the how the Light works with your Shadows. Bring into illumination you soul self as you move deeply into the Shadow Wisdom.

Shadow Light Reading

The Shadow Light Reading can help with.

Guide work to understand the messages they have for you.

 Soul and knowing your inner Wisdom.

Akashic Records access and help to break down the information you need.

An outside look of what you are creating and healing.

Navigate the changes already happening in your life.


The Shadow Light reading can help you move into the infinite self and see the potentials that can be activated.



Tarot and oracle cards to support the energy reading and bring symbolic wisdom into your life. The subconscious adores symbols.

A crystal grid is set up to support you while I work on you and the reading.

These are conducted via email using PDF readings or MP3 Audio.

Explore the Shadows of self with compassion and empowerment to lead you into the illumination of the infinite.


Never worked with me read this first!


You can still ask for any reading I have offered in the past.

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Akashic Records Reading


All the old standards can be worked into the new format or you can be adventurous and see what message Spirit has to say.


Not available


Reasons to get a reading…

You are ready for a metamorphosis.
Need a different view.
Want to get a reading.
You want more sacred in your mundane.
Have a sticking point you can’t get worked out.
Because it is fun, meaningful, and transformative.

All readings are customized to your needs and you will receive a PDF or MP3 of the reading in you inbox when it is done. I’ll email you within 24 hours or 48 if you book on the weekend.


Disclaimer: No refunds on Readings, Light Codes and digital products you are paying for my time. I am not responsible for any decisions you act on. This is not predicting the future it is a form of coaching that uses Tarot and Oracle cards. This is not a substitute for medical, legal, crisis aid, or any other professional advice. All Tarot/Oracle card readings sales are final. Ordained ULC Minister.