Weekly Card Reveal

Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!

Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!


Be the bright star in life and shine away!


For me the darkness feels soft, comforting and hidden. You can’t find me because I am in the dark feeling safe. A few years ago I started on changing that.


It was time to shine away and stand fully in the bright light.

So that’s what I did.


What it did was to remind me to validate people and be a witness to their experience. There is no brighter light than that. That empowers you and others. It also feels really good to do it and have it happen for your.

Shine Away

Be a Witness

Validate Experiences


Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!

Reflections on my Word of the Year Shift

This week’s Piles are the Cosmic Tarot and Chakra/Worlds Cards


Pile One
The Sun and Gaia Gateway


You are ready and it is time to go for it. There may be the feel you should crawl back under your rock but that’s the wrong inclination right now. Get out there and SHINE. Take the steps that get you where you want to be. You want to keep going for it. Where do you feel you should pull back? Is that feeling a know or a should?


Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!


Pile Two
Eight of Cups and The Upper World


You can do your best not to have “negative emotions” but here’s the thing they are part of life. Challenging emotions don’t go away because you don’t want to deal with them. They hang out and get bigger while you ignore them. Time to shine the light on them and take a look at what they have to teach you. Do you stuff down emotions and how do they manifest in subtle ways? What would happen if you engage with them?


Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!


Pile Three
The High Priestess and The Gate of Awakening


Power, empowered, and sovereign is the calling for you this week. Time to step into all three of those concepts. Start by saying yeas and figuring out what they mean to you and how you want them in your life. That’s half the battle is knowing what it needs to be and acting on it. What about this scares you? How do you want this to show up and what can you do to create it that way?


Shine! Away!!! The Card Reveal!

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