Card Reveal

So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal

Chemo is done!

Am so chuffed over this!


I’ll still go in every three weeks for what is called maintenance treatment with two monoclonal antibodies or the Mabs as I call them. They all end in mab, thus my nickname for them.


Taking the time to heal and let the treatments do what they need to all while dealing with side effects is challenging. For the most part I made it through chemo without any severe side effects. But each round is a theme and variations.


So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal

Some of the outright were awful and others okay. Each round was its own thing and it is challenging to let them be that. You want them all to be the easy one, but they aren’t. Round 6 reminded me of this.


It was more intense feeling and I ached all over. Water tastes so horrid right now. I needed more down time and rest then I have other rounds. It was a couple of days longer before I started feeling better. It sucked but I needed to let it be what it was.


Let healing happen.


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I made another video!


The Reveal!

So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal

This week’s cards are The Froud’s Faerys Oracle and the Gateway Oracle.

Pile One
The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies & Igniting Courage

What are you ignoring? The feel here is that there’s a lot coming your way but you are not seeing it. You keep telling a story that is old and outdated about the situation. Use that igniting courage card to help move out of this. Start telling you a new story.

So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal

Pile Two
Myk the Myomancer & Looking Deeper

See the signs they are there! Myk is leaving you a trail to follow don’t ignore it. He will guide you with signs and a lot of them. Look a bit deeper if you need to signs can be very personal. It is up to you to decide what is a sign for you.

So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal

Pile Three
The Master Makers & Taking Action

You know what you need to know. It is time to act and put that knowledge to work. See yourself as the Master Maker and use you skills to the best of your ability. Which I bet will be better then you think. This is not about perfection, it is about doing a artful job on whatever it is you are doing. It is skill not perfection, they are very different creatures.

So chuffed chemo is done! Card Reveal


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