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Be Creative With Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer

reminds us to keep in touch without creative sides.


Not to let that be defined for you by an outside source but to use your definition. Color outside the lines if you want to or in them if that’s what’s speaking to you. There are loads of things that get outside definitions and your creativity should not be one.


Be Creative With Spirit Dancer

Creativity is not only artistic endeavors but how you solve a problem and simply live your life. Don’t dismiss the small creative acts that happen everyday that you don’t think about. You started out with ideas and expressed them.


Expressing them is a big deal. It helps you reconnect to yourself. Ask yourself what makes your spirit dance? What do you enjoy doing?


Be Creative with Spirit Dancer

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It can include enjoying what other people have created looking at art, listening to music, reading, etc.

Spirit Dancer encourages you to do what you enjoy that’s creative. Crafting a meal for yourself is an act of creativity, figuring out how to do something is also an act of creativity.


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