Spirituality is not a Luxury

Spirituality is not a luxury.

It should be used everyday.

This project comes out of a desire to share my spiritual practice in bit sized and affordable.


To help you create a luminous life by finding the sacred in the mundane. Life is should be experienced in all its wonder even when you are uncomfortable with it.

Spirituality is about finding your own way. Trying on my ideas and finding with works for you. Refining it and making it your own. It is about creating your magick for you to create a luminous life.


Spirituality is not a Luxury

Topics so far…


Grief, Sorrow, and the Holidays


You are so talented all about how practicing makes you talented not some innate intangible ectoplasmic white goo.


Tarot/oracle spreads for you to use.


Word of the Year Seen and sticking with it when it challenged me.


Art journal tour to show you that practice not talent is real.


Using your intuition and awareness to find the themes in your life.


Of course there are monthly thought prompts for you to use and engage with.


Depending in the level you choose each month you will get:

Blog, a video, and an audio, month long access to webinars, and discount on all Retrograde Offerings and Solar readings.


What are the levels?

Pinned on the Wedding List $1

Already enjoy my YouTube Channel and Blog? Help keep them going. You get month long access to the webinars & tarot/oracle card spreads.


Rolling the Ball $5

Access to exclusive content. I am whimsical in nature and want to bring to you what’s speaking to me in the moment. Monthly thought prompt PDF and the above.


There Goes a Tenner $10

This level brings in a monthly video along with an audio of my choice for the month, plus all the above.


Join now and start creating your spiritual practices for a luminous life.


I never thought I would get to use that line from Bauhaus in a blog! “ectoplasmic white goo” Kind of excited about that! Catch last weeks card reveal, never to late for it.


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