Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal

Start talking to Ancestors


The Ancestors showed up this week with the messages. The Elders have information for you and it is time for you to receive and put it to work. What that info is will be different for each of us.

They will help you to meet you where you are right now in creating a better world where all people are safe not just the white ones. Listen to what they have to tell you personally.


Good Ancestors can help you squeeze out the problematic ones. You work with the beneficial Ancestors and you can deprive the one’s who thrive on racism, misogyny, haters, etc. Leaving more room for constructive work to happen.


The Ancestors pool is deep dive on in!


Now the Reveal!


Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal

This week’s piles are the Crystal Mandala Oracle and Chakra/Worlds Cards

Pile One
Archangel Adnachiel & Tiger’s Eye – Tiger Spirit Rises and Celestial

Are you paying attention or are you ignoring what is in front of you? Right now is not the time for willful ignorance. You need to be out there and know what is in your own back yard. Not the time to check out and space off. This is not taking a break it is something different that enables you not to have to deal with what makes you uncomfortable right now. Where are you disengaging and why? How can you bring yourself back around to being all right with discomfort?


Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal

Pile Two
ArchAngel Raphael & Malachite – Grace for the Grand Gesture


Have you made your grand gesture? If so then figure out how you can sustain that gesture. Most times just once is not enough. Know how you can show up in the world and be more in it. Change takes a sustained effort, it takes the choice to keep stepping deeper into the change. It works the same way for personal change as it does for big world change. You show up and make the same choice again. Do you think it is one and done? How can you sustain change?


Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal

Pile Three
Ascended Master Merlin & Merlinite – Read the Energy

How are you using the info you have? You read the energy but if you don’t use that information it isn’t really worth much. You need to use what is coming to you and sometimes that will mean looking at that info and knowing you do not want to use it. That realization to make that a conscious choice is important. It means you took the time to understand it. Took the chance to move beyond what is and that’s important. Where do you find yourself moving into inaction? How can that be a problem?


Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal


Affirmation Card

How is kindness radical?


Start talking to Ancestors & Card Reveal

Hey White People Know your Privilege.

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