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Stay Golden My Loves

Stay Golden my loves.


That’s the first thing that started to write this. Well, actually it was “stay gold, Ponyboy.” form the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton but It applies here to I think.

Because you need to focus on the golden core you and how you can maintain that right now. Because it is hard to do and easy to fall off the edge into sorrow. Which is not the type of leap you want to take!


You want to find what keeps you golden.

Stay Golden My Loves

What is it that keeps you sane and golden?
I wrote about a few things that help me in Easy Self Care Tips.


Complex and difficult isn’t what you need unless it is what you need. For most of us complex is going to overwhelm especially if you are doing it everyday.


Stay golden…


Collective Energy for Week

Stay Golden My Loves

This week is brought to you by Angel Prayers. A fourth one leapt out so I included it.

Card 1
Leap of Faith
“I’m ready to take a leap Angels. Thank you for doing it with me!”


Be ready to leap when it is it time. There’s a feel here of you thinking you can’t leap because of the pandemic, the dog, needs a bath, this and that and something else. You can start the leap right there in your home while doing whatever it is you are doing. You are ready for this and there needs to be that trust you can do it. What’s your why for not being able to leap? How is this limiting you?


Card 2
Honour Your Feelings – Archangel Haniel
Thank you for supporting me as I honour my emotions


I want you to remember one thing right now. You are in active trauma right now. It is emotionally challenging right now on a good day, let alone a bad one. You are allowed to feel and you are allowed not cope perfectly. Feeling your emotions and letting them process is important. It will also help them not take up residence in your muscles. Once you are on the other side of this you can start to process what’s happened. Are you shutting down emotions? What can you do to honor how you feel? Where is perfect getting in the way?


Card 3
The Divine Physician – Archangel Raphael
“Thank you Raphael for shining divine light upon my healthy body.”


Take a good look at what you need to feel good and be healthy. There may be a bit more slack than your norm and that’s okay. Do your best to stay healthy and active. That may mean you need to have more of a schedule to keep things flowing or if you got it in a rigid grip let it be more flexible. Each day is different and sometimes each hour is different let it be what it is and make the best choice for you. Where do you need more activity or veggies? How can being healthy make things easier?


Card 4
Transformation – Archangel Zadkiel
“Thank you Zadkiel for supporting me to transform from my past challenges.”


Step into what has already changed for you. This is not the time to backdown from what is offered to you. Now is the time to say yes to it. This is feels like the inner work that is ready to move into the new. Don’t hold to the old concepts let them open up and unfold into what can be. There’s a lot that can come out of this internal work right now. Keep transforming and be open to what you thought was not you. Where do you put this off and why? What new things are coming to you but you are ignoring?


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