Card Reveal

Step back from the edge of it – Card Reveal

Step back from the edge of it and take a look around.


Are you caught up in the fine details?
Do those details drive you crazy?


If so you need to step back from them and look at the big Picture. Macro can be a good thing to go large and see where that takes you. Especially if you are trapped in the micro.

Step back from the edge of it - Card Reveal

Going so small it is microscopic is a form of perfection.


The fine details can be a code for never finishing it because the DETAILS aren’t there yet, needs more work, and will never be detailed enough.


This week back off the details and look at the big picture.

Morgan Greer and Chakra/World Cards


Pile One
Five of Cups & Throat Chakra

Feeling like you can’t speak out shuts down your throat chakra. Where’s that coming from if it is from a relationship you need to have a good long think on why you are in it. Healthy relationships allow you to speak and express yourself. They allow for a dialogue to happen. This can be other people and can even be the relationship you have with yourself. Start to fix this and speak out when you want to. Where are you being silenced and how does that feel? What can you do to help you feel supported?

Step back from the edge of it - Card Reveal


Pile Two
Queen of Rods & The Upper World

Let yourself happen this week. Let it all unfurl and take you places you didn’t even think about. Realizing you may not have imagined the outcome that is trying to play out is getting in your way. Guide, direct and most of go with the flow of things. Take a break from how you think it should show up because right now it is trying to emerge and you keep shutting it down. Where is potential showing up in unexpected ways? What can you do to see it and open to what is emerging?

Step back from the edge of it - Card Reveal


Pile Three
Seven of Swords & Gaia Gateway

Imposter syndrome is taking over and has you feeling like you aren’t what you are. This feel awful when it happens. If it you that set it off back off and take a look at why you feel this way and where it stems from. do some healing work with it. If it came from the outside look at what triggered you, acknowledge and move on. Good chance is they are a jerk, feel intimidated by you or both. Don’t give your power away to jerks, not worth it. Where do you feel like a fake? How can you find healing around that this week?

Step back from the edge of it - Card Reveal


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