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Step into the New Year Inspired and Activate Your Life: Weekly Reveal

Step into the New Year Inspired and Activate Your Life: Weekly Reveal


  Happy New Year!

Are you ready to breathe inspiration into your year?

Feel excitement with just a tinge of fear?


It is time to step into Empowerment!

This year starts out with a Full Moon full of promise. Activate, set intentions, find what inspires.

My Inspirations for 2018 are

Seen, Boulder, &


(my tarot year card).

What are yours?

Step into the New Year Inspired and Activate Your Life: Weekly Reveal


Full Moon Energies for January 2018!


And Now the First Card Reveal of the Year!


Step into the New Year Inspired and Activate Your Life: Weekly Reveal

We are using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot this week. You can catch the New Year Heart Light Transmission here!

Card 1
Knight of Cups

What are you not trusting as you move into the new year? Doubt can undo all your hard work, yes you need to acknowledge doubt but you do not want to live your life from that emotion. Doubt is part of life and that’s all right, give that doubt a big dose of love. Look at where that doubt comes from and if it is even your story. Did someone else tell you that you are not enough? Do you continue to carry that story with you? Maybe it is something big you are starting, doubt, fear are part of BIG! But when you stop and say hey doubt, I hear you! I love you! It is safe! You can start to change that into courage. Because that’s what bravery is all about acting while freaking out. Where is doubt undermining you? How can you act even when afraid?

Card 2
The Lovers

What are the choices in front of you? Do you like them? Not liking what you are seeing start to change them, work towards what you want. It may start with a mindset or some other choice. The thing you need to remember is that there are choices you will make over and over, again and again. There are choices to act, be, bring in energies that will improve your life and more often then not you have to make the same choice all the time. One of mine is to move from love and the heart in all I do. Everyday I make that choice, sometimes many times in a day. This does not mean you haven’t done the work, it does not mean you are backsliding. It does mean you know where you want to go and make that choice everyday. What choices keep coming up for you? Are they the choices you want in your life?

Card 3
Ten of Coins

What about abundance do you deny? So what if you are not where you want to be! And kudos to you if you are there. As a human it is easy to focus on what’s  over there and what’s lacking. This is a call to see what is good in your life. Those tiny things that make you smile. Kitty cuddles, a sunset, a job well done, that’s what you need to focus on for a bit. Not the I still need this in my life or I am so not there yet with my money. Focus on other things that make you happy instead of what’s not there yet while you keep working towards what you want. Let the Ten of Coins breathe life into all you do and fill it with wealth and prosperity. Do you focus on what’s not there yet? How can you use other things to fuel your abundance?


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