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Stuffing Down Negative Emotions

The other night some folks and I were talking about forgiveness. One thing that came up was that of Lightworkers and Spiritual people feel like they should not have negative emotions. That we feel we to need embody sweetness and light all the time. Because we should be perfect by now with all that work we do on ourselves.


Guess what, we aren’t. No amount of stuffing and shoving emotions down will get rid of anger, sorrow, envy, or any other emotion perceived as bad. If you let them consume and eat you alive yes they will destroy you and you are not going to be a very fun person to be around. But for the average person that’s not the case. The case is we don’t want to deal with it or we don’t know how, so it gets stuffed down. The negative gets shoved under a mental rug while we try to forget it. If I paint the apple orange it’s still an apple. If you are angry and paint it happy it is still not happy. Thanks Rev. Kerti for the analogy.


Stuffing Down Negative Emotions

So what do we do with all the shit that we don’t want? Well, you forgive it. Hold it in loving kindness. Berating yourself for having a full range of emotions is not a good idea. If you were never sad, happy wouldn’t feel as good as it does. Ravi Singh and Ana Brett teach that if you can feel it you can heal it. Which is so true. We need to be alright having the “wrong emotions” because they aren’t wrong.


Let them be, let yourself feel them. That is where true healing lies, in the knowing that even when you are at your worst, it’s okay. Healing can and will happen it’s up to you to invite it in.


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