Wheel of the Year

Summer Solstice: he Wheel of the Year

Summer Solstice


I keep trying to write about summer solstice and it keeps not happening for me. If all goes well I’ll be out in the garden enjoying the nice weather and cooking dinner for Father’s Day but not much else. But this blog post keeps being flat and uninspired…


What it did get me thinking about was hiding ourselves behind whatever it is we are using to hide ourselves. There is a lot of clutter and jibber jabber out there. Find your true self, be true to you, once you find your calling it will all fall into place. Just meditate and let your thoughts dissolve, don’t think, etc. It all sounds so easy. The truth is it is not always to get to those places of knowing. It can be fuck all hard.

he Wheel of the Year

Most of the great learning lessons are the hard ones, they stick with you. There is no forgetting really crappy times or the supremely happy ones. It is everything in between the two extremes that gets lost in the jibber jabber of life. The mundane moments of beauty that we ignore because they are not extremes.


Being present and in the here and now helps with this. It will help you see the signs and recognize the jibbery jabberys when they happen. On this day of extremes, the longest day of the year or the shortest day depending on where you live. On this day of extremes be present,
in the here and now, see the small things and remember them. Rejoice in them and see their glory.


Happy Summer Solstice


Ostara: Wheel of the Year

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