Find Clarity with Sylvanius

How do I find clarity?

Has to be one of the most asked questions I get.


It is coveted.

Everybody wants that elusive clarity.


The thing about clarity is it does not pop out of your head like Athena popping out of Zeus’ head. If that does happen it is rare, write it down because you have under a minute before it is gone.


Leaving you wondering where that clarity and knowing went and how you can get it back.


Find Clarity with Sylvanius

Most of the time the best way to get clarity is to get started on it. Action will help you get to clarity faster then thinking about it or waiting for it to show up.


Clarity is a lot like inspiration the more you act and do the more often you create it. The artist in me knows the more I create art the more inspired I am. If Athena fully formed does show up it tends to be when I am acting.


The more you act and create a practice that leads you towards clarity the more you will have it. Part of it is trusting yourself. When you have an idea that feels right and you act on it.



Slyvanious is all bout finding clarity

What’s the direction you are headed in? Do you like? If yes keep going if no start making the choices that get you one you like.


Action time!

Create small steps that keep you headed where you are going. Small adds up to big.


Refine, refine, refine!

That means you keep making adjustments and choices that keep you on track.


Doing this will help you find more clarity then trying to know the whole big picture all at once before you have even started.


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Oracle Cards

Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

There are time when it feels like the storm will never end and you will be stuck in the hard of it forever! This is when I fall back on the most basic practices I have. Card pulls and looking at the energy they carry.


Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

It is not the time to judge anything if you want to weather the storm in your life. It is about navigating with as little judgement as you can bring in. As a human being it will be hard to do, but it really does help.



Iris of the Rainbows can help you out with this.


No storm lasts forever it will end. In times of big change you sometimes have to go along with what’s happening and do your best. It can be hard to direct your change when you don’t have enough energy to get through the day.


All you do is your best.


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