Identifying as a Star Seed

Identifying as a Star Seed


There was a point in time where I didn’t know what to do with this concept of Star seed in my life. It didn’t seem to mesh with all my work with faery and the Under World.


I told myself that it didn’t fit and created a story around it to ignore it.


Ignoring never works out.


Identifying as a Star Seed

Once you remember that key tenet and decide to step into what you decided wasn’t for you. Brilliance took over and I realized just how wrong I was with my story around the whole star seed thing.


It meshed just fine with all my other work and strengthened it instead of diminishing it.


Opening me up to Star work, Angels, and light language.


Getting to understand what a starseed is also put a lot of the feelings I have had in a framework. That urge of never being home and completely at ease on this world. It made total sense!




There was a feeling of relief and kinship with others who have the same feelings as me. It always feels good to find people who get it.


Join me for a workshop on StarSeeds where you will learn about what it is and how it shows up. There will also be a meditation to help you connect with your starseed wisdom.

September 4th at 5 PM Mountain 7 PM Eastern
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See you there.


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Lost in Time & Live Lammas Ritual

Lost in Time & Live Lammas Ritual

Do you ever get lost in time?


You know that feeling that of not quiet knowing what day, week, month, year it is?

Like a week has passed by in one day leaving you feeling confused and discombobulated.


That’s me last week!



Lost in time & Live Lammas Ritual


So confused about where I was in time. Thursday I was out with the after headache and by the time I hit Friday it felt like a week maybe even two had gone by.

Heading right into August and skipping the last two weeks of July. It gets confusing, super extra confusing!

It doesn’t help that numbers are elusive to me and if I am not looking at a calendar a date means very little in space and time. It is simply a number with some words.


Which is kind of funny because this weeks video is about the Faeries of the Future who deal with being in the present so you can get to the future!



Lammas/Lunasa is on the way at the end of the month this is the time of year when the harvest starts to come in. Wheat is golden in the field. Which is a spectacular sight if you get a chance to see acres golden wheat waving in the wind. They grow wheat on the high plains of Montana northish of me.


Lost in Time & Live Lammas Ritual

This Lammas the ritual focuses on release because if we don’t let go there is not harvest. The goal of the ritual is to separate the chaff from the wheat to get you to the core of what is there. The part of your harvest that you can use in life. Get your invite here


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Join me on August 31st 5 PM Mountain time, 7 PM Eastern for a Lammas Release Ritual.

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