Card Reveal

Take breaks and relax – Card Reveal

Do you go, go, go?


Doing is good and not doing is bad gets hammered into many of our heads at a young age. Which implies rest is bad, because it is not. You need time to rest and maybe toss some evaluation in there.


If all you do is go there is no time for reflection and the realization that maybe you need a break. Breaks are something I am a big fan of. That and structuring your life how you want as much a you can.


Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal

You don’t realize how important rest, relaxation, and daydreaming is until you start to do it. These spaces are liminal. They open you up to new ideas and let them emerge to be known. That’s what can happen when you slow down.


Make sure to check out the mini art classes that can help you slow down. If you can scribble and glue you can do them.

Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal

Create new energy in your life.

Now the Reveal

Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal
This week’s piles are Oracle of Visions and Handmade Affirmation deck.


Pile One Card 31 & I am Brave

You can see it first before it comes into being. Each step you take can be one leading up to quiet acts of bravery. It does not have to be grand or heroic in feel but know it will make a difference. Where are you already being brave?

Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Card 48 & Let it Go

Time to let out what you keep holding back. Opening up to what is inside is going to help you release a bunch of stuff that keeps tripping you up. Old stories about you are only old. They are stories from your past and it is time to leave them there. Where do you use really old stories about you?

Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Card 40 & The Answer is in Me

You can keep turning the hourglass over and over or you can look inside. Stop making deals to know something when you aren’t willing to go look for it. Most things that plop in someone’s lap are things they have been moving towards for a while. You do need to the steps to get there. Where do you think it will just show up, no work needed?

Take breaks and relax - Card Reveal


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