Take Time to Process – Card Reveal

Take Time to Process


It is a heavy week and there is a lot to process and unpack. Do this safely and compassionately. Not everyone will be where you are and if they ask you to stop, do so. Don’t force yourself on an unwilling witness. That’s not cool.


If you are wondering how to use your White Privilege for good.

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Take Time to Process - Card Reveal

There is a full moon and a lunar eclipse tonight. Yep, the stars keep doing their thing while we are preoccupied with the doings of life. That’s not a bad thing but it is good to come back to the core of self and your spiritual practices to keep a balance in your life.


They are your tether and can help you hold together in the intensity that life currently is.


Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse Energies for June 2020

Now the Reveal!


Take Time to Process

This week’s piles are InstaOracle, Keepers of the Light, Chakra/World Cards


Pile One
Pier, Cosmic Heart, and Lady Portia Divine Order


Run off the Pier and see what happens. Life is changing and you may as well get on board with it. Work to get the change into your life and bring it into being. That can mean taking a risk or two. It can be thinking in different ways. The main thing you want to do this week is jump right off that pier and fly. Where do you pull back and play it safe? How can you have fun taking a risk? Does this freak you out at all?


Take Time to Process

Pile Two
Signs, Earth Star, and Lady Nada

Are you paying attention because the signs are everywhere! Next time you start to say I don’t see the signs, not getting anything, can I you give one more sign, then maybe just one more. Seriously the sign is here, see it. Start asking how to use it! That is a key part of asking for signs. Are you a perpetual sign asker? What if you asked how to use them? Where would that take you?


Take Time to Process

Pile Three
Curiosities, Triangle of Light and Brigid

Use your fire to shine out right now and do the work you need to do. Things are moving so fast these days if you don’t start now you will lose the focal point you had at one the inception point. Write that focus down so you remember what it was you needed to do. Epiphanies and knowing can be fleeting. What was you focal point a week ago? Do you remember? How far did you get with it?


Take Time to Process

Affirmation Card


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