The 4 Elements Class!

The 4 Elements Class!


This class took a while to gestate and form. I knew it wouldn’t be another class that focused on this is what air is and this represents earth. The extreme basics do have a place in life and learning but there is only so many times we need to put that out to the Universe. That basic info is everywhere once you decide to look for it.


The class I envisioned helps you start building a relationship with the Four Elements, it brings it in to you and makes it personal. It is in the personal that the Elements really take shape and can help you out when in need. That is the main objective of the The Four Elements class, is that personal relationship. If you are wondering what can happen with personal experience and the Elements take a look at my Youtube channel there are four videos on this and you can check out this blog for more basic info on the Four Elements.


The 4 Elements Class!

So what are the details for the class?

It starts on October 13th 2015. Registration closes on October 9th 2015.


The class is five weeks in which we will work with Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. We will tackle one a week.


Each week you will get a lesson, a PDF, guided visualization, journal prompts and a longer meditation exercise. Most of this class is hands on and will take about an hour a week, two hours if you get really into it.


The first visualization introduces you to the Element and the second exercise helps create and solidify that introduction.


The PDF includes info and journal prompts to help you process your experience.


The Four Elements

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