The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile
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The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

In Pile three this week I wrote about joy and how you have to make the choice to find joy in the boring bits you have to do. Not everything is fun to do or enjoyable. It is all too easy to grumble through the parts you don’t like.


It is the difference between struggling through a difficult yoga asana with a grimace instead of a smile. Remembering to smile just a little brings in a change of energy. The asana may still be challenging but there’s an ease not there before the smile.


The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

As a business person whose only employee is a cat. I get to do it all and it is a lot more fun to be joyful about the those boring bits. There’s a meditative aspect that comes into them these days for the most part. Because I am no perfect and yes some weeks I whine and whinge about them.


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The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

This year we will be working on healing the problem ancestors and why you want to make a point to connect with more of the quiet ancestors.


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The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

This week’s Piles are The Lightworker Oracle and Handmade Affirmation Deck


Pile One

Merkaba Spiritual Protection and I Am Empowered

The base of spiritual protection is creating systems that empower you. They need to support you and how you want to live and feel in your life. Much of that comes down to knowing what you are willing to put up with and what you won’t. This is also something that changes as you grow. What was once okay to you can change and that’s all right. Keep upgrading your boundaries when needed. Have you checked in with your boundaries lately? How does enforcing boundaries help protect you?


The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

Pile Two
Star Child and Speak Truth


Take a good look at where you want to go and where you are. DO NOT judge this simply observe where you are at this point in time. If you aren’t where you want to be now is the time to start laying down the action steps that will get you there. It’s been a rough year and bunches of us got tossed off path. You just dust yourself off and get back to it. If you are where you want to be, you just got the sign you wanted and confirmation. What needs to happen for you to be where you want to be? How do small steps help this?


The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

Pile Three
Master Healing and Joyous Heart Glow


Joy can help you start to heal. It can start the process of creating pathways to new parameters. Part of what you need to do is start seeing what brings you joy and also finding joy in the things that are a bit of a bore. Life includes both and you get to figure out how to have some joy in both, not just the easy joy. Joy can be created in the rough spots by a mindset change, a smile, simply deciding to be joyful about doing the boring. Where do you need to make a choice about joy? How can you bring in more joy?


The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile

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Affirmation Card

Where do you feel like there is no time left?

The Boring Bits, Joy, and Pick a Pile