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The choice is yours what you want to do

The choice is yours what you want to do.

It is as simple as that.


So simple…

Then the thinking starts and what was once simple becomes something huge and bit and the next thing you know you stall. The stall happens when you overthink it and overthink the overthinking. It becomes a a knot of overthinking energy and you have no idea how to get out that.


The choice is yours what you want to do


Ask yourself why it has to be complex and GIGANTIC?


It is easy to equate big and overwhelming as good. I do this. It needs to be gigantic and halfway through it is when I realize that one it is unrealistic to create on my side. It is even more unrealistic for the user to consume all of it easily.

Why is that complex the goal headed towards when simple and concise will suffice? I think it is the overthinking that makes one think nah I need MOAR!


The February Forecast!

When in reality you don’t!

You don’t have to make it big and complex’
Don’t have to tell all why you can’t go or do something.
There’s no need to engage with the jerks and let them suck the life out of you.


This is your life and energy you get to do what you want with it and when you do this that means you fall into the flow of it. Life becomes a bit more easy in general and you feel good.

Find the serendipitous in all you do. Know the signs that speak to you and use them! Let flow and foundation building weave into being what you are creating.


The choice is yours what you want to do


The Mundane is Magickal Act!

Drop what has you in knots because you can’t get it just right and move into the flow of all you do.


You got this!

Let it happen.


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