The Eldest Sister

How I love this painting. She was a bit of a surprise to me as I was just goofing around with the watercolors one evening and ended up with something that really spoke to me. It put me in mind of a Fairytale by A.S. Byatt called the Oldest Sister. The tale is about the oldest princess who sets out upon a quest but she knows she can never succeed in.

She isn’t very keen on doing what she’s supposed to do and she helps several creatures who in turn, help her to find her way to a cottage. The Eldest Sister never finishes her quest as she decided to take control over her story. She stays at the cottage and if you want to know the ending, check out the book, it is very good.

The Eldest Sister

That’s what this picture makes me think of. The eldest daughter sets out into the unknown and takes control over her own destiny. It is a lesson we all learn over and over through out our lives. It is easy to forget we really are in control and let someone else take over for a while. Them have our power and steers us where they would, until one day we wake up and realize. That we just gave it all up.


It’s then we have to reclaim our destiny and remember how to make our own way through the world. Making your own way is a terrifying and satisfying thing to do. We give it over for many reasons, love, sorrow, laziness, and many other emotions and reasons. The act of remembering that it is truly you who is in charge is one of power and reclaiming your destiny is also reclaiming your power.


Next time you feel out of control remember the Eldest Sister because that’s exactly how she feels as she sets out on her quest. In the end she is stronger, happier, and knows she is in control of her choices.


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