4 Elements

The Element of Air

The Element of Air


The Element of Air is one that is familiar to me. It is a homecoming and very comfortable for a gal who can live in her head and forget about the rest of me. Air is the Element of thought, reason, and the cerebral.


The Element of Air

It deals in cognition and knowledge. But that knowledge can be a two edged sword especially for someone like me who tends to float off into her head. Thoughts can be lofty and idealized bringing in a lack of presence and awareness of what is going on in the body or around you.


Air can sweep this all out on the sweet breezes of intellect. Convincing you that you don’t need to really pay attention to the body as the mind has it all, right up here in the head. No need to pay attention to how you hold tension in the body. This is Air in a contradicted sense, in the negative and it can be very seductive as it can reason you into anything.


Air can also be the opposite of the above. When used in a positive sense Air will help you talk yourself off the ledge when it comes to comparison and feelings that you aren’t worth it. It can make presence more powerful by using your noggin to help you rationalize the crazy ideas that pop up.


This Element also helps us in the creative process. It is a great place to work out ideas and brings in the ability analyze them to find out how to make them work for you. There is a lot Air and its intellect can do for us. Especially when awareness of all of you is brought in. Air brought down into the body creates a flow between reason and the body and the soul.


It also helps to remind you that you are one being. That the brain is not separate from the body, and that the soul is not some free floating thing but part of us. Air when incorporated into all of you meshes it into one knowing being that is you working as a whole.


The Four Elements

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