4 Elements

The Element of Earth

The Element of Earth


What does your Grounded Look Like?

The Element of Earth is on that doesn’t come naturally to me or at least that is the story I tell myself. The truth is that story I told me for so long isn’t really true. Because I do have a strong connection to Earth it just doesn’t look like I think it should.


Earth people are very grounded, they don’t have their heads in the clouds, or have minds that zip along at light speed and leave others in the mud. Yet another story I tell me, really I don’t know how Earthy people are. I am not one of them. There is Earth in my astro chart but that’s all mutable earth, which works well with fire, air, and water as they are all so mutable when it comes to me.


The Element of Earth

My connection to earth comes to me with the ability to hear plants and talk to them. Trees are very interesting to connect with. They give you the perspective of centuries in many cases. Not all trees live that long but connecting with one that does. Oh my! I do highly suggest finding a couple of tree friends. You will learn about the earth and trees in a very different way. I can tell you what your houseplant needs if it is struggling, yep. This is how I connect with Earth.


The real story here is how do you connect to this Element or any of them. The textbook answer may not be how you can relate to an Element which is why having a personal relationship is so important. It lets you know how you work within an Element.


Seek to find out how they work for you, not another, not what the book says, but how they work in your life.


The Element of Water

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