4 Elements

The Element of Fire

The Element of Fire


“People like you should not be allowed to start any fires.”

David Bowie from Win


This line has become a very personal one in terms of fire. It embodies the power held in this element for me. You can burn yourself and others with fire and if you aren’t careful do a fair amount of harm. Fire is volatile it has all the flow and whims of water and air encased in a fiery demeanor.


The Element of Fire

Fire can be creative and inspiring it can take you from nothing into the wonderful in seconds. It can also burn you while you do this. Fire can explode just as much as it can create. It is the explosion that usually gets this element shut down in people. You get freaked by your own power of anger and what you might do while caught up in it.


I shut mine down and kept it tightly bound for many years. When I let it out again, oh my! It was a raging tiger. But instead of turning it off I embraced it and let it express while working to balance it out. You repress something for decades, it will find a way out and if it is unconscious, well it is going kick you ass and cause some heartaches.


There is a shadow of anger that is with me and will always be with me. There’s a lot to be angry about in this day and age but it is in how you express and deal with that anger. I chose to be love everyday and in that choice I bring fire into the positive aspect. To bring anger into the positive aspect. I chose to respect my anger and what it can bring me when I put it to work with love.


That’s the key, the key for me is always love.

How can this anger help me Be Love?



The Element of Air

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