4 Elements

The Element of Spirit

The Element of Spirit

Glue of the Universe


The Element of Spirit is you. You are the glue that holds it all together. Without Spirit all it becomes is a jumble of elements that have no real use. It is the Spirit that holds them all together and know how to work with the four elements.


The tendency to see ourselves as separate from the world, the Universe is why I often think that the western tradition adds this element in after the fact and still calls it by four when truly it is five elements. That you are not really part of the elements, but really you are. It gets confusing at times to see this added on. The pentagram has five points and the top one is spirit. I wonder where and when did this get taken out of the elements as a whole.


The Element of Spirit

Why not have the five elements? Is it that the western esoterics saw the Spirit as the conqueror of the other four elements and while we might be made up of them we are also in control of them? I’ve never resolved this to my satisfaction, it usually ends up leading to more questions.


The need to see us as part of it all is even greater today I think. We need to pull in all the elements and work with them in amicable partnership not as the Spirit conquering all. When I work with Spirit and the four elements I am looking at what do I need to pull into me, into this process that I am undertaking.


Which ones need to be strengthened and reaffirmed in your spirit?


The Element of Earth

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