4 Elements

The Element of Water

The Element of Water


Water, love, emotions, intuition, dreams, flow, waves, the sweet death: so many things are held in the Element of Water. Some of them so glorious you can get lost in them and never find your way out, others so terrifying that this area gets shut down.


The Element of Water is fluid and mutable it is constantly changing, expect when it stagnates. Think of that stagnant pool of water that turns fetid due to a lack of flow. When you shut down water that’s what happens to you, you turn into a stinky pool of fetid emotions that have no where to go. They get stuck in that pool never to leave unless you decide to bring in flow again.


The Element of Water

But here’s the crux of it too much flow and all you do is keep passing by things. Can’t stop now gotta keep the flow going, nope no time to look at that. You spend your life passing things by, never really feeling and knowing what your emotions are. Intuition is doubted or ignored and dreams never get a chance to grow or take root.


When you get our water where it needs to be emotions are felt and expressed in a healthy manner they are not bottled up or showing up in a passive aggressive manner. They are felt and known, they are loved. Intuition is let in to help you know what is needed. Dreams feed your imagination and fuel your life.


There is a balance here of flow and holding, think of a lake. Al lake receives new water but for the most part they hold water in. But that lake still has a flow. When you work with water you learn how it expresses itself in you. It will help you find your dreams.

How is the Element of Water showing up in your life?


The Element of Fire

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