The End of Year Forecast for 2020

The End of Year Forecast for 2020

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit cliched to say one is

called to do something.

It is more them a bit over used. But!


The other day the End of the Year Forecast flashed in my head and a need was felt in my heart. Because 2020 has been a year that will be remembered by us all.


It’s been one long slog through the muck after already slogging along in mud for months. The main impetuous is you don’t want to take that slogging in mud energy into the nest year.


Starting 2020 out in the mud pit that 2020 mired you in is not what you need. You want to start the year out with all that left behind. The End of Year Forecast will help you bring in fresh energy as you transition into 2021 energies.


The End of Year Forecast for 2020

The End of the Year Forecast starts with Mercury Retrograde (starts October 14th if I remember correctly.) Because this is a hot one and you need to remember what your boundaries are and enforce them. Boundaries and words are a big deal for this retrograde.


Then we work out way through The full moo on Samhain at the end of October. Connect with ancestors and to heal the past.


It will also cover the Lunar Eclipse in November and the Solar Eclipse in December. The End of Year Forecast ends with a Solstice Ritual to help us emerge form the shadows and go into next year empowered.


This forecast is meant to be interacted with it is not you sitting there listening to me babble on. It helps you take information and apply it and the rituals help guide you to where you want to be.


It is also on Early Bird Pricing at $22.00 through November 4th which means when I get up on the 5th it goes up to $33.00.

Join me for the End of The Year Forecast.


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