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The High Priestess & Geeoo The Slow

Tarot in many ways was my first introduction into the Divine Feminine and all she embodies. Parents were raised Lutheran and that northern European protestant tradition does not have an emphasis on women in the bible. That and we didn’t go to church at all that I can remember until I was older. We were out camping most weekends.


A Tarot Deep Dive the High Priestess


The women in the tarot start off with her. She’s the mysterious counterpart to the Magician. Her knowledge lies cloaked in darkness and initiation. You will learn if you desire to be invited into her world. That means you get to explore the dark recess of the soul.


The High Priestess & Geeoo The Slow


Geeoo the Slow!

The other video this week is Geeoo the Slow! He’s a nice guy to work with it, slow and steady. You will not get any big shake ups with him. Geeoo will encourage you to keep on going a nice comfy pace. No need to burn yourself out.


The High Priestess & Geeoo The Slow

Geeo, Myk the Myomancer, and the Oak Men (who are coming up) tend to like to hang out together. That means they often show up around the same time in your life. The combo of signs everywhere, slow and steady, along with the perspective the Oak Men bring is a potent combo and at the same time super gentle.


Look for combinations that show up for you in this deck.

It can lead you to places you didn’t think about.


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New Moon in Pisces Digi Collage

The High Priestess & Geeoo The Slow