The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

January was the longest January of my life. It just kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny. On and on and never ending but it did finally end!


So onto the second month of the year!


It will still be weird bout it will be a new month

and I am okay with that.

The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

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Over the past year I’ve been reminded about several trauma responses. And started to tell friends and family when they are having one.


Time can slow or go fast. Sometimes both which is trippy.

Waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

Holding the breath or clenching hands is part of the fight and flight instinct.


These are all things that happen due to trauma.

Keep that in mind next time you have one of these responses.

This is in no way a comprehensive list.


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

This Week’s Vlog is up!

The Reveal!


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

Piles are Animalis Os Fortuna, Earth Magic, and Handmade Affirmation Deck.

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Pile One
King of Swords, Fairies – Earth Magic, & Soul Fire


Stop shutting yourself down with logic. Logic has its place but when you weaponize it and use it against you. That is not good! This is not where you want to be, at all. You need to use your brain to support you and figure out how to support the awesome that you are. Use it to create ways to do it, instead of creating ways not to. How do you shut yourself down and does it have another’s voice? What could you do if you supported yourself with logic?


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Five of Cups, Wind – Activation, & I am Beautiful


Feeling a bit cranky and out of sorts? It is all right to feel that way, feelings are valid. But when you start to stay there and make it your norm. That’s when actions needs to happen. This is when you feel stuck in a rut and blocked. You aren’t really blocked you simply forgot to keep up any semblance of momentum. Part of how to get that back is to see the beauty in all your feels. Let them be sacred and not a bog to get mired in. How can difficult emotion contain beauty? Where can you feel the wind in your energy?


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Strength, Tsunami – Wake Up Call, & The Answer is in Me


Stop asking the same question over and over while expecting a new answer. You got the info you needed and don’t want it. There are times you have to slog through what you don’t want to do so you can get to what you want to do. Use what you have been told or know. The more you keep avoiding what is here, the bigger it gets. The lessons get harder and bigger. Been here, it was not fun. But once I listened and working. It changed. What answers do you not like and why? Will more “info” help you out or create more avoidance?


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal

We are in Mercury Retrograde and I find this short tarot spread

helpful for navigating it.


The Longest Month Ever and Card Reveal



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