The Magician

The magician is the master of lore he waits to teach us what we need to know before we move on to the next adventure. When we look at this card he is at the cross roads and the only colour in a brown, barren landscape. Before him are the Four Elements: the cup (water), a sword (air), pentacles (earth), wands (fire). He points to the sky and the earth that we need to look to both. We will not find only what we want in one but we must use both the earth and the stars to get where we want to be.


He is a symbol of knowledge and in the Fools journey he is the first person we meet. The Magician has much to teach the Fool and while he doe not tell him what, the Magician certainly gives the Tool the tools to move forward in the journey.


The Magician

This is the first time we encounter the elements that will make up the suit of cards. They each embody the meaning of the element they represent. These are the tools the Fool must learn in order to complete the journey. The Fool must find how to use intellect, intuition, abundance, and creativity.


Part of the Fools Journey is figuring out how to use the elements separately but in order to become a Magician the Fool needs to know how to combine them, use them all together, a form of alchemical transformation of the spirit. We hold all four elements within us, not just one or two, they reside inside of us waiting to be recognized and acknowledge. Accessed for your use to help you create what you want in your life.

The Magician teaches you to use all of you,not just parts that you think are useful.


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