Spiritual Musings

The Plan in 2021 is the Plan!

The new year is always a good time to make some small changes and start to implement what you have planned out. It gives you a hard deadline as when it all starts.


But if you decide to go for broke and pile it on you end up not doing any of it. Small incremental changes are good! There are times when you go for something a bit bigger! That’s what’s happening for me in 2021.


Last year was challenging to say the least and a good part is still with us needing time, some will stay a lifetime. But there was a lot why am I doing this, why am I on this platform, and dealing with social media burnout. Which led to a pulling back from it and taking it easy.


The Plan in 2021 is the Plan!

The Plan in 2021 is the Plan!



It also helped me know who I wanted to focus on and which platforms were place holders. YouTube made the cut partly to help me stay accountable on a big project and doing Vlogmas made me realize I enjoy vloging. These go up on Fridays.


Instagram and Twitter also made the cut so those are the three main places I shall be hanging this year and focusing on. So join me on all or the one of your choice.


I’ll be working my way through the rest of the Froud’s Faerys Oracle this year. Won’t quite finish it off this year but almost. There’s not a lot out there on this deck, if you are learning it there’s a good portion already up.


Switching over to a Monthly Energy Forecast format again. The Moon Readings are now part of the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast, if you miss them you can find them in their current incarnation there. Here’s this months.


Weekly vlogging will make an appearance. We shall see how that goes, there might be times when it doesn’t happen but I’m all right with that. I made it through Vlogmas this December which was challenging. This should be a bit easier as it is not a daily thing. Look for this on Fridays starting 1-15!


You might be wondering what the big project is?

It is big!




A tarot deck that’s been hanging out in my being and soul. But waiting for the ever elusive inspiration isn’t working out so well. Since the best way to get inspiration is to start creating and engaging with the project that’s what I am going to do.


That’s happening via Tarot Deep Dives and picking back up the modifying a tarot deck project. I did one card ages ago and never did another.