The Soul Dream Reading


A Soul Dream reading helps you to uncover what your soul needs.

Life is busy and things get in the way of having the time to dig deep. Find the clues you need to work from.


The Soul Dream Reading pulls the layers away so you can see where you are and know what you want.

It gives you a path that you can follow.

To get where you need to go.


The Soul Dream Reading

Soul Dream Reading can help with


Finding clarity when you feel stuck
Give you more information from your Guides
Go deeper into Spiritual Practice
Avoid a life detour


These are all places you will find yourself at one point or another. It can be hard to find where you need to begin when you are in the middle of it. A Soul Dream Reading can help you move out of these spots in life where it feels tangled up. The energy of it feels held back and stuck in one place.


The Soul Dream Reading can help move you out of that and into finding your clarity and in turn create the steps that get you where you want to be.


This intuitive reading uses tarot and oracle cards as the base. I will pull five to seven cards for you and interpret them in a PDF or MP3. As always there will be thought prompts to help you engage with your reading. This reading also includes a meditation selected by me that works in conjunction with your reading.



Reasons to get a reading…

You are ready for a metamorphosis.
Need a different view.
Want to get a reading.
You want more sacred in your mundane.
Have a sticking point you can’t get worked out.
Because it is fun, meaningful, and transformative.


All readings are customized to your needs and you will receive a PDF or MP3 of the reading in you inbox when it is done. I’ll email you within 24 hours or 48 if you book on the weekend.


Disclaimer: No refunds for Readings, Light Codes and digital products you are paying for my time. I am not responsible for any decisions you act on. This is not predicting the future it is a form of coaching that uses Tarot and Oracle cards. I am a Transformational reader not a Predictive one.This is not a substitute for medical, legal, crisis aid, or any other professional advice. All Tarot/Oracle card readings sales are final. Ordained ULC Minister.