Weekly Card Reveal

The story is important!

The story is important.

It is very important.


What is the story you tell yourself?


The story is important.

Written journaling resumed this week for the first time in a couple of years. It already pulled out a story from me that’s been being told to me by me over and over.


This is where the magick took place in my Tarot Journal


Personal Practices for Eclipse season

That story is “I am good at giving but not receiving.”


The first part is very true. I am good at giving and doing so in manner that feels good to me and others. Boundaries are important as is how it makes me feel. The feelings will clue me in if I need to pull back or realize someone can’t give me the same amount of giving.


Not receiving well isn’t so true. I am major receiver but what I realized is that the reception gets focused on others for the most part. Where the issue lies is not in my ability to receive but the lack of using most of my reception for me.


That little gem was mind opener and a story changer.


The new story is “I am good at giving and receiving.

I apply what is received to my life!”


Stories are important make sure yours is the one you want and a truth. If it isn’t work to change your story by telling yourself a new one.


Now the Reveal!

The story is important.

This week’s deck is the Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot


Card One
Two of Pentacles


What are the choices you are making. Twos almost always involve some form of choice. This week it is about money and how you want to use it. Make it all a very conscious choice and know why you are doing it. Want or need to buy something know your why you are buying. Decide not to buy something know they why on that too. Where do you need more presence in your money? How can know the why make you money happy?


Card Two
The Sun


This is the second time this card popped up this month. If you picked it at the beginning of the month pay even more attention. SHINE! That’s your goal right now is to shine. What makes you feel good wear those clothes, do those things and sparkle on! If someone tells you that you are too Shining or Sparkly, good job! That’s how much shine you need to beam out. Are you hiding? How can you be more shining?


Card Three
Seven of Cups


Where are you ignoring it? This is ignoring things and not in a good way. This is telling stories to yourself that aren’t really based in fact or good behaviors. There’s a lot of intensity but you still need to check in with the real world and know whats what. Sticking your head into an illusion is not going to help. How you disengaging in an unhealthy manner? How can you start to check in and still practice self care?


Affirmation Card!


The story is important.


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