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The Struggle is Real you need to be persistent

The Struggle is real don’t let them tell you otherwise.


It isn’t always an easy job to get the old skin off. You need to work at it get it loosened up to get out of it. Feeling it so close can be frustrating and seem like it will never happen.


But it can happen you need to be persistent and not give up when that old skin clings to you. Keep rubbing it off with your action steps. One day you will realize that it is gone. Change has happened and now it is time to find out what you can do with it.

The Struggle is Real you need to be persistent

Onto the Reveal!

This week’s piles are the Mythic Tarot, Goddess Tiles, and Something that doesn’t have a name yet.


Pile One: Page of Wands, Ninhursag, & Space Turtle

Are you stuck in the details? Just start doing something, anything, get the project moving. There’s a lot of energy and flow you are ignoring because you are too busy working on perfect. It will never be perfect, know this! Even your best work you will still be picking out the flaws. Try to find what works and the parts you like about it. Expand on what you like instead of focusing on what you don’t like. How can you get moving by just doing it. What would happen if you found what you like in it?

The Struggle is Real you need to be persistent


Pile Two: Two of Swords, Hera, & Angel Guidance

The Struggle is real and that’s okay. But what you don’t want to do is get caught up in that and never let it go. Take you divine knowing and follow the signs that are coming to you. They are there and you can be empowered by knowing them and taking control of the dialogue about the struggle. Look at how it is showing up because it may be you changing so you can up level. What’s feeling difficult and how can you use that it? What if you stopped trying to control it?

The Struggle is Real you need to be persistent


Pile Three: Ace of Swords, Blodeuwedd, & Rainbow Waterfalls

What needs to be created? Use your brain to start working out what you want to create in life. This can be a life well lived and enjoyed as you define it. There’s no need to over complicate what you want unless you want complicated. It is what you want it to be not something that was sold to you on the telly. Somethings sound super good but the reality of them is lacking. Because you don’t really want it. Start to define what you want and remember you only need to figure out step one, implement, step two, repeat. What are you doing and is it what you want? What does your brain and heart tell you?

The Struggle is Real you need to be persistent


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