Weekly Card Reveal

There’s so much going on – Card Reveal!

There is so much going on!


It is overwhelming and rightfully so. Here’s the thing with all that’s going on that you need to remember.


There's so much going on - Card Reveal!

That is you aren’t going to be your normal self whatever that is when it comes to being on top of it all. Some did it better then others but right now you aren’t going to be what your normal is.


You might never get back to old normal. It is important you realize this and do NOT beat yourself up over not being normal. Nothing is normal, some things might be more normal then it was but it is still a whole different game then we are used to.


There's so much going on - Card Reveal!

Piles this week are Earth Magic, Keepers Of the Light, and Chakra & World Cards

Pile One
Island – Solitude, Kuthumi – Cloak of Wisdom, and Starseed Expansion


When will you trust you know enough? Stop looking for the answers and start to know them. That urge to gather more and more info isn’t always what you need to do especially if you’ve been at it for some time. Trust that you will make the best choice for you based on what you know and feel within. Do you keep gathering more info and wait for more signs? How can you make the choice?


Pile Two
Clouds – Shapeshifting, Serapis Bey – Ascension, & The Middle World


You want to change it all and you want to do it right now! But when it doesn’t happen right in this second you feel discouraged and start to bring in the word failure. When this starts to happen shift out of that into something else. Look at what you have achieved not at what’s not done. Also look at what’s in process, in the works counts! How can you reframe how you view what you named failure? Where can you see all that is already here?


There's so much going on - Card Reveal!

Pile Three
Wind – Activation, Paul the Venetian – Experiencing Grace, & Tree of Life


What you don’t want to do is slam on the brakes to slow it all down. Things need to move fairly quickly at the moment and you need to let it. You may not have a firm idea where you are going but that’s fine. The fully formed concept can happen when it is done. Be open to what you think isn’t going to happen or showing up in a completely different manner. Do you hold to what you think it needs to be, no matter what? How can you let it be what it needs to be?


There's so much going on - Card Reveal!

Music Affirmation Card
What if you did something different today?


There's so much going on - Card Reveal!

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