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Thinking about getting a reading?

Thinking about getting a reading?

Here’s what you get and more importantly don’t get when you order from me.


Let’s start with what I don’t do.

Predict your future
Tell you what to do!
Third party readings.


I am not going to tell you what to do. What I will do is give you a way to get to the best you. My readings are a form of coaching using intuition, crystals, and cards. They are delivered via email in the form of a PDF or MP3.


Thinking about getting a reading?

My interest is in getting you on your way and providing an energetic guide to get you there.


You get to make your own choices and create your own life. Prediction is NOT my sweet spot when it comes to a reading. Helping you get to your own Sweet Spot now that excites me and I’ll support, cheer, and celebrate it with you.


Third party readings are when you want me to read for someone else that is not you. Ask the person the question it will be better for all parties in the long run.


“Working with Beth is a delight. Her readings are incredibly accurate, and gentle – always exactly the guidance I need for the situation. Instead of feeling beaten over the head with the information from the reading, it feels like an invitation to explore and grow. Her added journal prompts and questions keep me coming back to past readings she’s done, which integrates the lessons into my life. Thanks for everything, Beth!”
– Evelyn H.

Things that I don’t read on are


When will I find true love!
Legal issues

Most of those require professionals in those fields!

Do I have cancer, am I pregnant, how can I heal my horrid ailment? No! Not going there! The same for using a reading to tell you what your finances are going to do. Legal anything not gonna touch that.


True love readings aren’t my thing. If this is your life goal to find true love or your soul mate. There’s a good chance you aren’t going to like what I tell you anyway.


If you are in a crisis event you need to contact someone in your area or appropriate person/organization to help you.


But Beth, I wanted to know about love, money, or ways to support my health. What do I do?

How can I be a good partner? What do I need to do get past a money challenger? How can I be kind to myself and improve health? These are all things I work with. Because they fall into how to better yourself and trust your intuition.

Not sure how to pose a question for a reading?

Check out this blog.


When Thinking about Getting a Reading from me..


Especially for the first time do your due diligence.


Check out the Friday Card Reveal on this site, they are snapshots of how I work. You can also look at readings on YouTube or Instagram is another good place to get to know me. You will get a feel for how my reading style, who I am, how I work.


Get to know me and my style because I read the same way for a person as I do for the collective.


Read through the sale page and know what you are getting with that offer. Each one varies in content.


“You are someone that I have followed consistently, and I ALWAYS learn and grow and feel so supported by your work and your down to earth, “make it work for you” style. Much love.💕 “Shelley


Still Thinking about getting a reading…


What happens in your reading
This varies depending on the reading

Guidance and engagement are always put in a reading.

My readings help you to know one path you can take. There are many. I go for the one that is best for you.


Readings can include intuitive information from Guides, Ancestors, and Angels
Tarot or oracle cards
Thought Prompts
Ideas for Ritual and energy work


I give you a path to follow. It is up to you to do the work. It can’t be done by someone else. Doing it is up to you. That is why there are prompts to help you engage with the reading and use it over and over.


The first time you read it things will pop out, the second reading other things come to the forefront, and you can keep repeating that. Clients have files with all the readings I’ve done for them over the years. They are still using them and working with them along with current readings.


It is about the long term and how you can be the most awesome person you can be.


Readings are transformative and meant

to be a guide for you to use.


As one client put it about her New Moon subscription. BTW she is going on year 4 working with this monthly reading.


Thinking about getting a reading?

Still Thinking about a reading?

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