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This Weeks Free Card Reading: Are your intentions focused?

This Weeks Free Card Reading: Are your intentions focused?


Happy New Year!


This deck is a Major Arcana only deck. This is a day to set intentions and bring in the energies you want for next year. It provides themes for you to work with and explore in your life. This would be a good time to pick up this month’s MMD and step into these cards. Find out what they have to tell you directly. It is a very interesting experience and well worth it.


This Weeks Free Card Reading: Are your intentions focused?

We are using the Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana deck.

Card 1

Can you see the infinite of you? How can you use your expansive nature to move in the direction you want to? Time to know that doubt and fear are part of the process, you can feel them and have them and it is fine. It will fine. Because you can move through them or even work with them to help fuel the fire of desire to get what you want. True courage is not the absence of fear and doubt but the willingness to act while experiencing them. That is what makes someone brave being terrified and unsure but still willing to do something. Take a step towards what you want and see what happens. What terrifies you and how can you act while feeling that way? What keeps you standing where you are?


Card 2
The Star

Shine out, shine strong! You are a pinpoint of light in the world, let that light flow out of you. There is no need to hide it and restrain it. This light is infinite and comes from the greater Universe via you. There is no way to deplete this light that can flow from you. What depletes is when you think you must give and give in action all the time. That your action can’t be a passive shinning out. Look at how you use your energy and find a way to twinkle in all you do. How can shining be passive and do you give too much? What can you do to find this infinite energy in you?


Card 3

How can you see the illumination in the dark? Do you need to see the whole picture before you move forward? Do you need to know it all before you create? The thing is you can’t know it all and you can’t see the big picture because it is continually shifting. This is a call to see that shifting and learn how to work with it. Learn how to use it to create. The Unknown is huge and scary but it is also where ideas come form while brushing your teeth, doing dishes. It is the shadows where the ideas start to take shape so they can burst forth in a second of insight. It is up to you to create what that idea becomes. Does not being able to see the big picture and know what will happen put things on hold? What does shadow and the Unknown bring to the creative idea?


Frigg: Faith must be Created.

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