3 Card Interpreting the Tarot

Three Cards The Ace of Swords

Welcome to the return of Three Cards. I did the Major Arcana a few years ago and took a break. That break was longer than I thought it would be.


Three Cards explores how the symbols and pictures on a tarot card can alter the meaning. Sometimes this is a lot and others it not so much. The decks used for Swords are The Cosmic Tarot, The Serpent Fire Tarot, and The Sacred Rose.


Three Cards The Ace of Swords

Aces are the raw energy of a suit. It is the very beginning of a situation or emotion. When they show up in a reading the bring with them a ton of energy to draw on in your life.


The Cosmic Tarot

This Ace of Swords is bright and brilliant with the big light behind the sword. It makes me feel the inception of the idea in my head. Out can cut through doubt and find clarity with ease and not get lost in doubt. All you need to do is put the ideas to work.


Three Cards The Ace of Swords

Serpent Fire Tarot

Now this Ace of Swords is very internal it makes me fee like it is time to go deep into myself and find the answers. this is not the a card that makes you look outside of you it asks you to go deep inside to explore the ideas nestled inside of you. They are waiting for you to show up and engage.

The Sacred Rose Tarot

The Twinkling purple blue background reminds me of space and this card feels much more organic with the vines, leaves, and flowers. It brings up the connection of intuition and intellect. They are not exclusive of each but work with each other. Using them combined can give you leaps in understanding and imagining what you are creating.

Three Cards The Ace of Swords

The Cosmic Tarot and The Sacred Rose have similar symbols and both are in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition of the tarot. But when you look at the pictures they have very different feels. The Sacred Rose has some of my favorite sword cards in it. Serpent Fire is not in the Rider-Waite-Smith traditions. Which is part of why I picked it. It has a very different take.


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