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Three Easy Ways to Get Grounded

Three Easy Ways to Get Grounded

Last Wednesday I found myself sitting on a pile of rocks, looking for well rocks, cool rocks, not just any old rock. It was about the time that I remembered I was working with the element Earth that week and had a good chuckle as I sat on the sun warmed rocks soaking up the Earth’s energies. It was very grounding.


Three Easy Ways to Get Grounded

I came home with a bunch of cool rocks. It also put in mind the aspect of grounding out energy. This is an extremely important practice for anyone who does energy work, reads cards, performs/attends ritual, or does any form of magickal work. It also seems to be something people ignore or just do not know about or how to do.


Why do you want to ground out energy? Why not carry it around and feel that energy buzz that comes with not grounding? Simply once you have used it for what you need to it needs to be released. Let’s take an example of someone who I knew. I attended two ritual’s she was at after both of them she was agitated, a bit freaked about the amount energy, and was shaking. She did not know what to do on her own. I made sure she grounded before she went anywhere. There was no way in Hades I wanted her to get into a car with all that energy with no where to go and she couldn’t control it. It’s going to manifest eventually if you hold onto it.


You don’t have to be freaked over extra energy for it to manifest or open things, chakra’s for example. I don’t know about you but I already feel other people’s energy and emotions very strongly when I am not trying. I open up and holy frelling moly Batman, I feel it even more. Now imagine walking around open and ungrounded. You are a magnet for everything you encounter. You become like glue and things will stick to you. Getting rid of psyche sludge is another subject but grounding can help you avoid attracting it in the first place.


Grounding is not for most people something that is difficult to do and everyone likes to do it a bit differently. I use the breath and the wind a lot in my magickal practice. One of my favorite ways to ground out energy is to let the wind blow away extra energy while doing long deep breathing. It is easy to do while walking down the street while looking perfectly normal. That’s one way here are three other ways to ground and a grounding meditation.


1. Eat and drink something. Eating is very grounding and a common way to ground in general. This will help bring you back down to earth. If you don’t have any food around just drinking water can help a lot.


2. Go outside! Let the earth soak up that extra energy. Stick you hands in some dirt and release the energy into the dirt. Hug a tree or sit under one.


3. Long deep breathing. Inhaling long and slow coupled with long gentle exhalations will help bring you back down and into your body, even out your energy, and calm you.


My go to for grounding was talk to me by Moira at P.S.S.A. (Pagan Student Spirit Alliance.) She used a tree as the base for this short grounding meditation. She might have picked this up from Starhawk, it’s been a long time since I last read the Spiral Dance. It has morphed into this form over the years. I use this before I read for people so I can clear myself of my shit and be open to the Universe and what it has to tell me.


Tree Grounding meditation

Come into a comfortable seated position. Let your breathing slow down and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale slowly, don’t force it just breath. Feel roots growing out of you and extending into the earth. Grow your roots, feel stable, feel secure and safe. As your roots grow into the ground deeper and deeper feel mother earth and let her anchor you deep within her. Keep breathing slowly and feel your roots and your stability. Now that you have roots securing to the earth, start to let excess energy, fear, worry, doubt let it all drain into the earth. Let it all go down through your roots send it into the dirt. Sit for a while doing this until you feel you are ready to move on. Let go of your roots, they can retract into you or dissolve into the earth do what feels good to you. Let them go and open your eyes. You are stable, grounded, and balanced.


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